Terms of Service

Leasing of the EZRAider and using it shall constitue acknowledgement the following limitations regarding the use of the ATV:

  • Liability Waiver is required
  • Minors are only allowed to use the properties under supervision of adults, with the adults assuming full responsibility. By signing the Liability Waiver, Lessee acknowledges that the age of the accompanied users complies with the above-mentioned age limitation.
  • For safety reasons, pregnant women can not use Lessor’s Property
  • Lessor of the EZRaider ATV reserves the right to grant or block access to its Properties as it sees fit to protect the safety of its clients, staff, Properties, or other active or prospective Lessees
  • User acknowledges that they can only move on the route indicated by staff appointed by the Lessor of the EZRaider to accompany the ride as part of its safety and technical assistance protocol
  • Lessor of the EZRaider ATV is not responsible for any delays or accidents, loss of valuable or personal items during the period of which Lessee was using the Property
  • Lessee is advised to have their own personal travel insurance, specifically Travel Insurance For Extreme Sports, and consult their direct insurance agent for coverage possibilities
  • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. No show or non-participation on the tour will not be refunded
  • Lessor of the EZRaider ATV may use Lessee liking, as recorded in photos or videos, for marketing purposes, ot Lessor’s website, various marketing campaigns, and various social media channels

Limitation of liability excerpt

In no event will the Lessor of the EZRaider ATV be liable to Lessee for anything arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Property, whether such liability is under contract, tort or otherwise. Lessor, including its officers, directors and employees, shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of the Property.


Lessee hereby indemnify to the fullest extent the Lessor of the EZRaider ATV from and against any and all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms of Service.

For full Terms of Service, adhere to the ACTIVITY AND ACCIDENT WAIVER & RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT supplied by the Lessor of the EZRaider ATV to the Lessee of the EZRaider ATV prior to starting the EZRaider activity.

Privacy Policy & Data Protection (GDPR)

We may collect and process information about users of our services (“User“) in order to learn, improve and offer better experience. In this regard, we act as a data controller, compliant to GDPR.

We gather information about the User’s name, email address, telephone number, group size, planned arrival, and payment details (via 3rd party payment processing providers). The User also accepts that we are entitled to contact the User regarding payment issues and operational issues regarding the use of our services and Website (BudapestRaider.com)

The User’s personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

to process the User’s request
to handle feedback
to send newsletters
to the User (if agreed to request)
to contact the User if so requested or need be in certain circumstances (i.e. tour cancelled or change in timing),
to answer any inquiries,
to improve the contents of the Website
for statistical purposes about the Users’ use of the Website
to charge and invoice the User for the use of our services, and
to communicate to the User the starting time, reference number and charges made to the User’s reservation.
We do not pass on any user data, transfer or handover any user personal data to any other parties except if you are notified ahead of time and /or for handling payments or email marketing campaigns

We limit the data we collect to a minimum and only collect data that has a specific purpose. The User’s personal data may be stored for as long as the User didn’t request it to be deleted, rectified, or returend, or has an active reservation and then for at least 180 days from the reservation completion date.

We take precautionary measures of technical and organizational nature to protect the User’s personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access from unauthorized persons. The precautionary measures are revised on a regular basis in accordance with the technological development and up to date technical equipment.

If you have any concerns about your personal data, please contact us as daniel@budapestraider.com

We are hosted in the US but also use third party data processors which are located globally. We have Data Processor Agreements (DPA) with all the external data processors we use. That ensures that the data processors also live up to GDPR regardless of where they run their businesses. We are obliged to notify you in case we have knowledge of any breach of your data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR is a new comprehensive data protection law in the EU which replaces the many different national legislations currently in place. More information on GDPR is available here: https://ec.europa.eu/ino/law/law-topic/data-protection_en

Who the GDPR applies to
The GDPR applies to all organizations operating in the EU that process personal data or processing personal data from EU and Swiss residents.

What data the GDPR applies to
GDPR applies to all personal data. The concept of personal data covers everything that can be used to identify a person in a larger group. That includes name, address, email, ip address, cookies, location, unique identifiers, etc.

What personal data we collect and why:
When you make a reservation
We collect email addresses for the calendar and customer contacting system. Every account is unique due to the uniqueness of the email address, which is used to identify you as a participant using our services and products
We collect names so that we know what to call you and anyone else participating under your reservation
We collect phone numbers to contact you if needed. We use the country code of your phone number to estimate your country of residence
We collect planned date of arrival and number of your group particiapnts so we can check the availability in our events scheduel
We do not collect your payment information as this is sent directly to our payment provider in encrypted form. We are a PCI compliant service.
We collect the location and timestamp of some actions you took using our Website. They include some page views, some actions on the pages. We aggregate the information at various cities and periods, analyze the resulting data to drive our strategic and operations decisions.

We never sell or transfer or profit from any of your personal data.

When you’re on our website:
We use Google Analytics to track user behaviour. This helps us understand how our website visitors get to / find us, and what web pages are most relevant to them. Google Analytics sets web browser cookies to identify users returning to the website, optimize performance, and to provide information about our Google AdWords campaigns you have interacted with.
You can read more about cookie usage here:
We have a data processing agreement with Google Analytics which obliges its data processing practice to follow GDPR.
We set web browser cookies on our site to improve the user experience on the website.
This includes: Identification of the visitor by a translation plugin to remember what language you prefer to view the website in.
Serving assets e.g. images from a server cache to make the website load faster.
Identification of the visitor by a security plugin to prevent attacks on the web.
You can delete any cookies set on your web browser by our site in your browser settings.
We collect user information sent through contact forms on our site. This information is stored on the website for 180 days and then deleted. However, the information is forwarded securely to internal email addresses and customer support systems.

Where your personal data is stored
We store all user data in data centers in both U.S. and EU countries. Additionally, we use data processors which may be hosted outside of EU mainly in the US. We have data processing agreements with all data processors that we use which oblige the data processors to follow GDPR. Most of these providers have additionally chosen to be certified in the EU-US Privacy Shield which is an agreement between EU and US that describes data protection rules required to store data in the US.
You have the right to access, delete, update your data by contacting us via the email address supplied above.

3rd parties with whom personal information may be shared:
Privacy Shield
Facebook / instagram
Google Analytics and Google Ads
Socal media
Internal Policies

Internal Policies
We have internal policies in place that prohibits employees from sharing and personal user data in internal communication tool.

Agreements with third parties on data processing.
We limit the data we share with the above third parties to the absolute minimum to ensure your details and privacy are kept to a minimum. We have Data processor agreements in place where necessary, limiting the third party use of data.

Changes to this policy
We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time by giving notice on this page. It is strongly recommended to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the top. If you object to any of the changes to this policy, you must cease using this service and can request removal of the personal data by contacting us via the contact email address listed above.