A way to explore


like no other.

EZRaider is a one-of-a-kind electric ATV designed for leisure & sports. Ride standing, sitting, or even in tandem with kids, and have incredible fun while ‘gliding’ through Budapest’s picturesque attractions.

An ideal outdoors sightseeing excursion:

  • Top-requested attraction in Budapest and a worldwide hit
  • Stop in the best locations in Budapest for amazing photos
  • All tours are accompanied by a professional rider
  • Accessible and suitable for different ages and group sizes

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    • Suitable for riders over the age of 16
    • Child seat available
    • Safer and more stable than Segway
    • Amazing activity for families & couples
    top rated tours in budapest
    • Every trip starts with assisted practice time
    • Precise response to user commands for easy handling
    • Speed of up to 25 km/h (14 m/h)

    The Budapest

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    What a fantastic tour in Budapest we just had! Fun and casual, yet informative. Riding in a small group, we avoided all the tour bus crowds that went to the same sites. Such a unique experience!
    We explored the city and had a blast! Safety was Paramount and the staff made sure everyone feels comfortable before starting the ride. A truly special experience, can’t wait to do this excursion again!

    Why EZRaider?


    Electrically charged energy


    Precise response for easy navigation


    Almost double the speed


    Hands-only controls


    Sit or stand while touring


    Low center of gravity

    Group Friendly

    Perfect activity for families and couples

    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Should I book the tour in Budapest in advance?

    The EZRaider tours are taking place daily at a high frequency, however due to the high demand and small group sizes, it is recommended to book in advance.

    02. What is the carrying capacity of the EZRaider?

    The EZRider is suitable for riding by persons over the age of 16 (accompanied by an adult) and can be ridden as a single or in tandem (2 riders on 1 bike) for families with kids, supporting up to 150kg.

    03. How long does a tour take?

    The most popular EZRaider tour in Budapest, from Pest to the breathtaking Fisherman’s Bastion, takes about 90 minutes (including a break for photos at the peak).

    04. How to book a tour?

    To request a tour, fill out the form or contact us by email/WhatsApp with the details (requested date, how many participants and ages). Notice – all requests are pending until the booking is confirmed in writing.

    05. Do I need special insurance?

    As with any unique activity abroad, whether mountain climbing or skiing, accidents might happen. As such – You should be responsible for your own travel insurance and a Liability Release Waiver is required before starring the ride.

    For questions or additional information call/WhatsApp:

    +36 70-786-3473

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